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Get To Know Quotex

Get To Know Quotex

Currently, there are lots of trading brokers and each broker has its own advantages which are the selling points. One of the brokers that can be used for trading is Quotex. What is Quotex? Well, before choosing a broker, we must first identify and find out so that we don't make mistakes in choosing a broker.

What is a Quotex Company?

Quotex is one of the brokerage companies included in the Seychelles-based Awesome Ltd trademark.

It is a company that officially became a broker and licensed in November 2020 and incorporates advanced tools. The company is regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulatory Center,

Products Provided

Quotex offers several investment and trading products that traders who use Quotex can choose from.

Information about the product is indeed the most important information that may determine whether to choose the broker or not.

And here are some of the products available for Trading on this Quotex.

1. There are around 27 currencies ranging from large to exotic ones

2. There is also a choice of Crypto coins that can be traded on this Quotex, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more

3. There are 15 stock exchanges also provided including FTSE 100 and Dow Jones

4. There are also several commodities such as gold, oil, silver, as well as energy sources and various types of precious metals


For its own regulation, the Quotex company is registered with the International Financial Market Relations Regulatory Center or IFMRRC for short.

Trading Features On Quotex perusahaan company

One of the most sought-after information from a broker, of course, is about the features available at the broker.

Because every feature will be able to help people trade to get better results. And here are some of the features that you will encounter when you trade with the Quotex company.

1. 100% Deposit Bonus

The first feature that can be used is about the deposit bonus, no kidding Quotex gives bonuses to traders. The bonus that can be obtained from that deposit is 100%, of course this is a pretty crazy amount actually. Because traders can have much more capital to trade on Quotex.

2. There is a Demo Account

The second feature that can also help traders learn is the demo account. A demo account is an account that allows you to trade on Quotex but doesn't have to use money. So usually money is provided by Quotex but cannot be withdrawn to the account.

Usually this demo account is very useful for people to learn the Trading procedures applied by Quotex. In addition, it can also be used to practice trading so that you are more used to it and can take steps well and calmly. Then a demo account is also commonly used to try new strategies for trading

3. There is a Copy Trade feature

The third feature is the copy trader feature, so you can choose one of the traders on Quotex and copy it. So a buy signal and a sell signal or an up signal and a down signal will follow the selected trader.

With this you can follow traders who are already professional and often get profits when trading.

4. There is a Mobile App

The last feature is having a mobile application, this is one feature that will make it very easy to trade. With this application you can trade easily on a smartphone which is of course more flexible. This is a very profitable feature because people can trade anywhere

Steps to Start Trading on Quotex

To start trading, of course, there are several steps that must be taken, and here we explain the steps.

1. Create an account first by registering here

can use opera mini browser or another browser,

2. The second step is to deposit with the selected payment method and it varies, the minimum deposit is 5 Dollars

3. After that you can start trading on this Quotex


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